U.S. Patents #6200569, #8304000, #8329232

The Differences Between CinSulin® and Cinnamon


CinSulin differs in two important ways:2-10

1. The Process – CinSulin is made by mixing cinnamon bark with water, then applying heat, pressure and special techniques that insure a quality extract. A required part of the process sterilizes the extract for added assurance.

2. Extract Content – Desirable compounds are concentrated and unwanted substances largely removed. CinSulin’s yield ratio is 10:1, so 2 CinSulin capsules with 250 mg in each contain the concentrated benefits of 10 typical 500 mg plain table cinnamon capsules.

Table cinnamon is often just ground-up cinnamon bark and contains both water-soluble and fat-soluble compounds. Fat-soluble compounds may accumulate in the body if ingested over a long period.